None of the materials we receive are land-filled. Everything we receive is handled in such a manner as to eliminate any environmental risks and thereby eliminating the liability. We do not export electronic scrap. Exporting a problem is not a form of recycling.

We have protocols and procedures in place to protect all of our clients with regard to data security. Any data containing device (such as hard drives, thumb drives, or other media) are either wiped or destroyed.

We do what we say we will do. Our records and are facility are open to audit.

How we do it:

Years of experience has allowed us to develop a sorting and DE-manufacturing system that allows us to meet our stated goals. All incoming materials are assessed to determine the next step. Reuse of equipment or components is the first consideration. Equipment that can not be reused is broken down into its basic components and further processed by outside vendors. All of the vendors that we use for additional processing meet or exceed our criteria for quality. All of the vendors have been audited and are available for a downstream audit